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Adam Ant is a renowned English Singer & Musician. Read this profile to learn more about his profile, childhood, life and timeline.

Adam Ant

Quick Facts

Also known as: Stuart Leslie Goddard (English)
Gender: Male
Birthday: 03 November 1954
Nationality: British
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Education: Middlesex University

Adam Ant is a renowned musician and gained popularity as lead singer in the post-punk group, ‘Adam and the Ants’. Born in London, this star delivered back-to-back hits in the 80’s and was labeled a star in the United States of America. According to the viewers of the MTV, Ant was rated as the sexiest man alive in the 80’s. The musician is also believed to have a pursued a career as an actor and was seen in over two dozen films and television operas from 1985 to 2003.

Early Life & Career

Born as Stuart Leslie Goddard on November 3, 1954, London, Adam Ant came from a regular working class background. He attended the Hornsey School of Art in London and was inspired by eminent artists, Peter Webb and Allen Jones, who were known for their erotic artwork. He subsequently went on to study graphic design and designed all of his logos based on the erotic works of Webb and Jones.
Right at the start of his career, Adam started to dress in bondage-type of clothing, the same time when Punk was emerging in England. He initially started off as a bass guitarist with ‘Bazooka Joe’, before beginning his own band, ‘Adam and the Ants’, whose band members were Marco Pironni (guitar), Kevin Mooney (bass), Terry lee Miall and Chris Hughes (drums) and Adam Ant as lead singer. The band signed a major deal with CBS Records and recorded the most legendary songs under this banner. ‘Prince Charming’, ‘Stand and Deliver’, ‘Kings of the Wild Frontier’ and the hit single ‘Antmusic’, are just some of the many songs recorded by this bad. Some of the most lavish videos and a trio of hit singles by this band ruled the charts in England in the 80’s. After a spat with the band, Ant decided to pursue music on his own. ‘Goody Two Shoes’, his first solo, topped the charts in the United States and around the world. Other successful solos such as ‘Desperate but Not Serious’ and ‘Where did our love go’, featuring Diana Ross, also topped international charts. Not only did Ant lead the life of a musician, he also signed up for films and television shows such as ‘Puss N’ Boots’, ‘Slam Dance’, ‘Sledge Hammer’ and ‘Strip’.
Following a brief period of mental and physical illness, Ant re-entered the world of music with the album ‘Manners and Physique’ which received tepid response from around the world. Around 1994, he moved to the U.S., to pursue an acting career but failed to establish himself due to his erratic behavior and lifestyle. In 1995, his most recent album, titled ‘Wonderful’, grabbed its spot in the U.S. Top Ten Chartbusters.
Ant married twice. He often went into states of depression and also refused to eat at one point in his life because he wanted to be ‘anorexic’. He suffered countless mental breakdowns and overdosed himself with pills on a number of occasions due to his bipolar disorder.
Today, Ant has a successful private limited company called ‘Blue Black Hussar Ltd’ and is also touring North America and Australia promoting his music.

Music Career

‘Dirk Wears While Sox’
‘Kings of the Wild Frontier’
‘Antmania’ (The popular single)
‘Prince Charming’
‘Goody Two Shoes’ (solo single)
‘Vive le Rock’

Acting Career

‘Mr. Sloane’
‘The Equalizer’
‘Tales from the Crypt’
‘Love Bites’
‘Sledge Hammer!’
‘Sunset Heat’

Awards And Achievements

Adam and the Ants were nominated for the Grammy Awards in 1982 for the category ‘Best New Artist’.
The band won the BRIT Awards for ‘Best British Album’ and the Ivor Novello Awards for ‘Songwriters of the Year’ in 1982.

Crimes And Punishment

Adam Ant was charged with ‘criminal damage’ in 2002 after he threw a car alternator through a pub window. It is believed that he also threatened the patrons of the pub and was verbally abusive.
He was arrested once again on the account of damaging his neighbor’s patio with a shovel and was put in a psychiatric ward after arrest.
He was sanctioned under the ‘Mental Health Act 1983’ and received in-house psychiatric treatment in jail for affray and vandalism.


The band, ‘Adam and the Ants’ had a major influence on many musicians in the 80’s including Robbie Williams, Republica, Fat Boy Slim and Suede. Their popular singles ‘Antmania’ and ‘Stand and Deliver’ labeled them as idols for younger generations. It is also believed that many musicians and personalities were so influenced by their music, that the ‘pined’ to spend evenings or a little time with them.

Media Representations

Adam Ant received immense publicity before his numerous tours around the world. One such popular publicity stunt was a photograph exhibition of Ant held in 2012 in London. The exhibition, titled, ‘Adam Ant- Dandy in The Underworld’ was a grand success and featured many stills of Ant throughout his career. He also performed a solo concert at the gallery for his fans.

Famous Associations

As a musician, Ant was associated with a number of musicians and personalities during his life. They are Marco Pirroni, Kevin Mooney, Christ Hughes, Terry Lee Miall, Lester Square, Andy Warren, Fat Boy Slim, Barry Watts, Tony Hughes, Diana Ross, Robbie Williams, Dirty Pretty Things, The Charlatans and Nine Inch Nails to name a few.


Adam Ant’s music has had a positive impact on all those who followed his music. Apart from inspiring many contemporary musicians, Ant’s bold lyrical qualities and themes set the tone for new-age genres and music. However, he suffered from a manic phase where he resorted to vandalism, drugs and starvation which led to a negative image of his character around the world.


1954: Adam Ant was born as Stuart Leslie Goddard on November 3rd, London.
1975: The first band he joined was Bazooka Joe after a public performance of the ‘Sex Pistols’.
1977-1982: He formed the popular punk-rock band, ‘Adam and the Ants’.
1982-1985: After he broke up with the band, he began his solo career and delivered hits like ‘Goody Two Shoes’.
1986: Ant turned to acting and earned gigs in television series and movies.
2000: He released ‘Antbox’, a full collection of his musical career.
2002: Adam Ant was hospitalized for psychiatric therapy.
2006: He published his autobiography ‘Stand and Deliver’.
2010: He performed in the world’s largest show, ‘The Pirate Metal Extravaganza’.
2011: He performed in first ever mega-UK Tour.
2012: His musical tour in Australia was a success and a photo exhibition, was held in his honor.

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