Adam Pascal Biography

Adam Pascal is an American actor and singer. Read this Biography to learn more about his profile, childhood, life and timeline.

Adam Pascal

Quick Facts

Gender: Male
Birthday: 25 October 1970
Nationality: American
Famous: Musicians
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Education: New York Institute of Technology
Awards: Theatre World Award

Adam Pascal is an American actor and singer. He was shot to fame after his performance as Roger Davis in a musical Rent by in Jonathan Larson. He has also acted in films, after his debut in ‘SLC Punk!’ in 1999. He did a guest role in an episode of Cold case. His role in the film ‘Falling Star’ is a notable one.

Early Life & Career

Pascal was born on 25 October 1970 in Bronx, New York. He was brought up by his mother Wendy and stepfather Mel Seamon in Nassau County, New York. He attended Syosset High School. He worked as a personal trainer before he developed an interest in music. He then performed in many rock bands such as Mute. He was then casted in Rent, for which he received Obie Award and Tony Award nomination. Pascal’s performance in Rent earned him fame among theatre personnel and he managed to contract roles in many famous musicals like Cabaret and Aida. He also participated in charity performances like Chess (2003) and hair (2004).
After performing in several musicals, Pascal felt that his talents were narrowed down to a particular portfolio, as a Broadway singer. Hence, he decided to return to rock and roll and performed on Sh-K-Boom Records. He released two solo albums Model Prisoner in 2000 and Civilian in 2004. He took part in several shows including Macy’s Fourth of July celebrations and both fifth and tenth anniversary celebrations of Rent in the years 2000 and 2005. In 2006, he founded a new band ‘me and Larry’. Along with his musical and stage performances, he did several films including SLC Plunk! School of Rock, Cols Case etc. Pascal sang a song titled, ‘I'm Not an Egg Anymore’ or the show The Backyardigans. Pascal married Cybele Chivian in 1998 and the couple has two sons Lennon jay and Montgomery Lovell. His father-in-law is Eric S. Chivian who won the Nobel Prize in 1985 and is Director of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School. From 2009 onwards, Pascal has been working on the theatrical stage version of the 1988 concept album, Operation: Mindcrime.


"Mute" 1994
"Model Prisoner" 2000
"Civilian", 2004
"Blinding Light", 2008


1999 SLC Punk! Eddie
2003 School of Rock
2004 Temptation
2005 Rent
2006 Cold Case

Stage Works

24 Hour Plays (2005)
Rent (Broadway) (2007)
Alive in the World (2008)
Chess (2008)
Drift (2008)
The Real Love: A New Musical (2011)
Memphis (Broadway) 2011


1970: Adam Pascal was born on October 25 in Bronx, New York.
1998: Pascal got married to Cybele Chivian.
2000: He released the solo album Model Prisoner.
2003: His film School of Rock was released.
2004: Released his second solo album Civilian.
2006: He founded a new band ‘me and Larry’.
2004: He took part in Macy’s 4th July celebrations.

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