Adolf Eichmann Biography

Adolf Eichmann was one of the chief Nazi organizers of the ‘Holocaust’. Read on to know more about Adolf Eichmann’s profile, childhood, life and timeline in this biography.

Adolf Eichmann

Quick Facts

Gender: Male
Birthday: 19 March 1906
Died: 31 May 1962
Nationality: Austrian
Sun Sign: Pisces
Spouse/Ex-: Veronika Liebl
Children: Ricardo Eichmann

Adolf Eichmann came from a strong German nationalist family. Like many other Germans who lost all their wealth during the post-war economic crisis, the Eichmann’s too, suffered financially. This induced him to join the Nazi Party. One of the major organizers of the ‘Holocaust’, Eichmann was a Nazi colonel and was active in deporting Jews to ghettos and extermination camps in Eastern Europe. Following the plummet of the German Reich, Eichmann worked for Mercedes-Benz in Argentina until 1960, before being captured by Israelis and sentenced to death in Israel.

Early Life & Career

Adolf Eichmann was born in 1906 in Solingen, Germany. He lived under his father’s shadow and never did well academically. However, he was adept at practical learning on the job. This had a positive bearing on his career and life with the ‘SS’ (Schutzstaffel). Eichmann married Veronika Liebl in 1935. The couple had four sons.
In April 1932, Adolf Eichmann joined the Nazi party as an ‘SS-Anwarter’ (candidate). His application was accepted and he was appointed as a full-time SS member, ‘SS-Mann’ (man). When the Nazis came into power in 1933, Eichmann wished to join the active regiments of the SS squad. He was made the squad leader and was also given the responsibility of handling the ‘Dachau concentration camp’. He was commissioned as ‘SS-Untersturmfuhrer’ (second lieutenant) in 1937, following his dedicated services to the SS. Eichmann was assigned to Austria to help organize SS security forces in Vienna following the ‘Anschluss’ of Austria with Germany. He was also given the responsibility of deporting Jews from Germany to various ghettos, extrication camps and parts of Palestine. At the brink of World War II, Eichmann sealed several contracts with the Zionist movement and also worked on the Jewish emigration from the Third Reich. During this period, he reported to Hitler’s trusty aide, Heinrich Muller and was given a full promotion as lieutenant colonel of the Schutzstaffel.
During the heat of World War II, Eichmann was ordered to prepare for the mass Genocide of Jews. He was in charge of all the trains that would carry the Jews to their death traps in different territories of Poland. He deported over 430,000 Jews to their deaths in gas chambers and concentration camps.
Post World War II and following Adolf Hitler’s death, the Israeli official intelligence agency, Mossad, captured and sentenced Eichmann and his allies to death due to their atrocities against the Jews during the German Reich. Parts of Eichmann’s interrogations have been published in a bestseller, ‘Eichmann’s Interrogation’. He was found guilty and executed in full public view on May 31, 1962 in Ramla, Israel.

Awards And Achievements

Adolf Eichmann was awarded the War Merit Cross.
Eichmann was presented the legendary Anschluss Medal
He was conferred the SS Honor Ring
He was conferred the SA Sports Badge.
He was honored with the Chevron for the Old Guard.
He was awarded the SS Julleuchter.
He was awarded the SS Zivilabzeichen.
Apart from these awards, he was appointed as captain (SS Hauptsturnfuhrer) in 1939 and lieutenant colonel (SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer) in 1941.

Crimes And Punishments

Adolf Eichmann was one of the masterminds behind the Holocaust.
He deported Jews to extermination camps and ghettos in Eastern Europe.
He fled to Argentina illegally, using a ‘laissez-passer’, issued fraudulently by the International Red Cross.
He was captured by the Mossad operatives for 15 criminal charges—war crimes and crimes against humanity.
He deported 4, 30,000 Hungarian Jews to their deaths in gas chambers.
After 14 weeks of trial, depositions and jail terms, Adolf Eichmann was finally sentenced to death and executed by hanging on May 31, 1962.

Media Representations

After Adolf Eichmann was captured and interrogated by the Israeli police, many of the interrogation’s excerpts were published in a book called ‘Eichmann Interrogated’. A 2007 film, ‘Eichmann’, based on the life of Adolf Eichmann also became a blockbuster hit. A few years later, Peter Malkin, one of the members of the team who captured Eichmann, published a book called ‘Eichmann in my Hands’.

Famous Associations

Adolf Eichmann was a Nazi and was affiliated with many famous personalities throughout his infamous career. Adolf Hitler was one of the most important associations that Eichmann treasured during his Nazi career, as he served the Fuhrer. Apart from the Fuhrer, Eichmann worked closely with Reinhard Heydrich, Herbert Hagen, Leopold von Mildenstein, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Veronika Liebl, Ernst Rohm, Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Goering.


Adolf Eichmann was responsible for the mass extermination of the Jewish population from Europe and was one of the brains behind the Holocaust. An extremist, Eichmann killed more than 4, 30,000 Hungarian Jews on his own, by sending them to gas chambers, wiping out a large chunk of the Jewish race.


1906: Adolf Eichmann was born on 19th March.
1923: He started working in a mining company, run by his father.
1933: Eichmann was accepted into the SS regiments this year.
1934: He requested transfer to the SD: Security Service and his request was accepted.
1935: He married Veronika Liebl on March 21st.
1937: He was commissioned as SS-Untersturmfuhrer (second lieutenant) this year. He was also sent to the British Mandate of Palestine to assess the possibilities of Jewish emigration.
1940: He was assigned for the mass deportation of Jews which never materialized.
1942: The policy of Genocide was formed.
1945: He ordered Jewish extermination at ghettos and extermination camps.
1950: He fled from his country and worked in Argentina for the next ten years.
1960: Eichmann was captured by the Mossad Team in Buenos Aires on May 11th.
1962: He was executed by hanging on May 31st.

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