Adolfo López Mateos Biography

Adolfo Lopez Mateos was a Mexican politician. Read on to know more about Adolfo Lopez Mateos’s profile, childhood, life and timeline in this biography.

Adolfo López Mateos

Quick Facts

Gender: Male
Birthday: 26 May 1910
Died: 22 September 1969
Nationality: Mexican
Sun Sign: Gemini
Children: Eva Leonor López-Mateos Sámano
Education: National Autonomous University of Mexico

Adolfo Lopez Mateos was a Mexican politician who served as the President of Mexico from 1958 – 1964. During this time, he promoted the building of museums such as ‘National Museum of Anthropology’ and ‘Museum of Natural History’ in the Mexico City. Lopez Mateos also created the ‘National Commission for Free Textbooks’ in 1959. He was also the first left wing politician who held the Presidency post after Lazaro Cardenas.

Early Life & Career

Lopez Mateos was born in a small town of Mexico and at a very small age, his family moved to the Mexico City after his father’s sudden death. After a few months of his birth, revolution of the Mexicans began as they protested against ‘Porfiro Diaz’ in 1910. He finished his graduation in 1929 from the ‘Scientific and Literary Institute of Toluca’ and attained law degree from the ‘National Autonomous University of Mexico’. While he was in this institute, he was a delegate and a student leader of the ‘Socialist Labor Party’. He was also an orator against Pascual Ortiz Rubio and supported the Presidential campaign of José Vasconcelos, an opposition candidate. He served several bureaucratic positions until 1941 and in doing so, he met Isidro Fabela. When Fabela resigned the post of the director of ‘Literary Institute of Toluca’ to join the ‘International Court of Justice’, he recommended Lopez Malteos to the position of Director to the Institute. Lopez functioned in this position until 1952 after which he became the ‘Secretary of Labor’, under the leadership of the President, Adolfo Ruiz Cortines. From 1958 to 1964, Adolfo Lopez Mateos served as the President of Mexico. Mateos also held the pride of being associated with the 1968 Summer Olympics as he was its first chairman. With regard to this, the meeting which was held in accordance to the Games led to the introduction of the ‘World Boxing Council’. Mateos was succeeded by Gustavo Díaz Ordaz for the period 1964-1970. Lopez Mateos suffered from constant migraines after he left the office during his middle ages and was diagnosed with numerous cerebral aneurysms. Mateos was in coma for several years and he died in 1969.


During the Presidency of Lopez Mateo, several land reforms were conducted. About 16 hectares of land were redistributed and towards the extreme south, the government also came up with new agricultural lands which in a way reduced nation’s land tension to a great extent. People suffering from diseases such as malaria, polio and tuberculosis had some relief when public health campaigns were organized and it helped to eliminate several deadly diseases. Poverty was one of the major problems tackled during Mateo’s tenure for which several social relief programs were setup.

Legacy and Contributions

Under this government, a social security institute was set up that provided improved child care services, low cost of housing projects, medical facilities and other provisions for laborers. New clinics and hospitals were built and provisions for improved health services were also provided.
Food was distributed to poor Mexicans and initiatives were taken to enhance literacy which constituted the other major tasks of this program.
Hence, during his span of presidency, he aimed to improve industrial development, worked efficiently and succeeded to gather large amount of foreign capital for the nation.

Personal Life

Lopez Mateos was in a relationship for twelve years with Eva Samanoa, a young teacher and they got married in 1937. After Mateos left his office in 1964, his health conditions deteriorated constantly. His body was physically weak and after a while, he gradually began to lose control of his own body actions.


1910: 26 May, Adolfo Lopez Mateos was born
1941: Served several bureaucratic positions
1952: Director of ‘Literary Institute of Toluca’
1958 - 1964: Elected the President of Mexico
1968: First Chairman of Summer Olympics and the meeting led to World Boxing Council
1964-1970: Succeeded by Gustavo Díaz Ordaz
1969: 22 September, Mateos passed away

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