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Al Spalding was Professional Baseball Player, Manager and Co-founder of A.G. Spalding Sports Goods Company. Read on to know more about Al Spalding’s profile, childhood, life and timeline in this biography.

Al Spalding

Quick Facts

Also known as: Albert
Gender: Male
Birthday: 02 September 1850
Died: 09 September 1915
Nationality: American
Sun Sign: Virgo

Baseball was the favorite sport of Albert Spalding since his childhood days. The first time when he played competitively for a team was in 1865 with the Rockford Pioneers which was a youth team. He brought the team a 26-2 victory over the opposing team and soon he was approached by ‘the Forest Citys’. Spalding played for them for two years and during the autumn of 1867; he accepted an offer to play professionally as a clerk, but this time for the Chicago Excelsiors and signed a contract of $40 per week. Albert Spalding later joined the Boston Red Stockings, which gathered huge success for the team winning 206 games. Meanwhile, William Hulbert, the principal owner of Chicago White Stockings, was not happy with the loose organization of NA (National Association) which made him create a new organization. For this, he sought the help of Spalding and dubbed the name as ‘National League of Baseball Club’. In this effort, Hulbert also made Spalding sign a contract that he would play for White Stockings in 1876. In the meantime, Spalding succeeded to convince his talented teammates to sign contract with White Stockings. This new formation of the team was not revealed to the outside world so that the players did not have to quit from their present clubs. Unfortunately, the news somehow leaked to the press and all the players suffered verbal abuse and threats from all over the world. However, National Association went on for a few more seasons but it began to lose his recognition as a chief organization for baseball and gradually, the organization faded and was replaced by other minor leagues and associations.

Early Life & Career

Spalding along with his brother sold sports goods in a store in Chicago. He played for the Chicago White Stockings and won 47 games. Albert Spalding was the one who published the official rule set for Baseball. Spalding’s store also was a total gain over the next 25 years and also expanded business from retail and started manufacturing baseball equipment. Spalding was appointed as ‘USA’s Commissioner’ at the ‘Summer Olympic Games’ by the President McKinley in 1900. He received the archives of Henry Chadwick and compiled his memories to write America’s National Game. He moved to San Diego in 1900 and became a prominent supporter and member of the Theosophical community, Lomaland. He lived at his estate, Sunset Cliffs where he had built his own estate for the rest of his life. Albert Spalding died on 9 September 1915 in San Diego.


National Association At Bats Leader (1874)
National Association Complete Games Leader (1874)
4-time National Association Shutouts Leader (1871, 1872, 1874 & 1875)
50 Wins Seasons: 2 (1874 & 1875)
200 Innings Pitched Seasons: 6 (1871-1876)
300 Innings Pitched Seasons: 5 (1872-1876)
400 Innings Pitched Seasons: 5 (1872-1876)
500 Innings Pitched Seasons: 3 (1874-1876)
600 Innings Pitched Seasons: 1 (1874)
National Association pennant (1872-1875)
National League pennant (1876)


1850: 2 September, Al Spalding was born.
1865: Played for the first time for Rockford Pioneers
1867: After playing for two years, accepted offer to play professionally as a clerk for Chicago Excelsiors
1876: Signed a contract to play for the White Stockings
1900: moved to San Diego and supported the Theosophical community, Lomaland
1915: 9 September, Spalding died.

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