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Alan Cranston was US Senator, President and founder member of Global Security Institute. Read on to know more about Alan Cranston’s profile, childhood, life and timeline in this biography.

Alan Cranston

Quick Facts

Also known as: Alan
Gender: Male
Birthday: 19 June 1914
Died: 31 December 2000
Nationality: American
Sun Sign: Gemini
Education: Stanford University, Pomona College

Alan MacGregor Cranston, the US senator, dedicated his life into disarmament of nuclear weapons, is renowned for his nuclear arms control policies. He was the founder member of Global Security Institute and served as the President and Director of its Nuclear Weapon Elimination Initiative.

Early Life & Career

Alan Cranston, born in Santa Clara County in California was graduated from Stanford University in 1936 and was enlisted in US army in 1944 till the conclusion of the war. After being elected as a Senator from California in 1968, he served in the position for 24 years from 1968 to 1992. He decided not to serve the position from then as he was battling prostate cancer.
Cranston was also the champion of nuclear arms control policies for almost five decades and was involved in a worldwide effort to diminish, marginalize and abolish the nuclear weapons. Cranston was also involved in varied efforts for world peace which included his travel to Mongolia as an official US monitor of 1993 Presidential election. He was also a delegate to a conference of world-philosopher statesmen held by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation in India. Cranston was also into creating awareness in students and public and he even participated in an e-mail exchange with the students of Lowell High School, his Alma mater. Cranston also had an unsuccessful race for US presidency in 1983.
However, in 1990’s Cranston was involved in a loan scandal which led to him receiving a formal warning from Senate Ethics Committee investigation. This was in a way, a stain in the reputation of Cranston, who was considered as a strong supporter of progressive reform. He dedicated his retirement to the abolishment of nuclear weapons thus being the founder member of Global Security Institute in 1999.
Cranston passed away on 31 December, 2000 in Los Altos Hills in California at the age of 86.


Alan Cranston has two children namely Robert and Kim Cranston.

Media Representations

Alan Cranston has written many books which include ‘The sovereignty revolution’ and ‘The Killing of the Peace’.


In 1952, Cranston was the co-founder and chairman of California Democratic Council (CDC) which supported his bid as state counselor and to the US senate.
Cranston was also the champion of the opposition of the nuclear weapons through the initiative of Nuclear Weapon Elimination Initiative of the State of the World Forum. He acted as the founder and president of the Global Security Institute.

Personal Life

Cranston married twice; he married Geneva McMath to whom two sons were born namely Robert and Kim. Robert died young in an accident. However, he divorced Geneva and was married to Norma Weintraub.
Cranston was also in the midst of a controversy when he translated Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ into English and was sued for it by Hitler. Cranston added this information proudly in his resume.


1914: Alan MacGregor Cranston was born on 19 June, 1914 in Palo Alto in California.
1936: Alan Cranston did his graduation from Stanford University in Palo Alto.
1939: Cranston was sued by Hitler’s publisher for copy right violation for translating Hitler’s “Mein Kampf’ into English.
1945: Cranston attended the conference which led to the Dublin declaration.
1948: Cranston became the president of the World Federalist Association.
1952: Cranston co-founded the California Democratic Council.
1968: Alan Cranston was elected to the United States Senate.
1999: Cranston founded the Global Security Institute. 2000: Cranston passed away on 31 December, 2000 in Los Altos in California.

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